Keyword Analysis

SEO practices, one of the most important tools of digital marketing, are carried out with the aim of achieving a high ranking in search engine rankings and reaching to the target customer group. Keyword analysis is one of the building blocks of this practice.

In this article, we will focus on the topics related to what keyword analysis is, why it is important and how to do it.

Keyword Analysis

What is a Keyword?

Keywords, which provide visitors with clues about what a web content is related to, are one of the most important SEO factors that determine the SERP ranking of websites. 

Search engines find the web content that best matches the keywords used in online queries and rank them in the SERP according to certain algorithms. Therefore, the fact that the query words written in the browser window and the keywords included in the web content match optimally are signs that the correct keyword selection has been made and a correct SEO strategy has been executed. 

Why Does Keyword Matters?

Keywords are the vital points of the SEO practices because they give tips to search engines regarding to the web content concurrently, they have an effect on increasing the organic traffic via reaching the target customer base. 

Shall we elaborate a little more?

The Importance of the Keyword for Search Engines 

The leading factor regarding to the Google’s ranking is the page content and the optimal density of the keywords contained in that content. The use of words with equal density in a content, in other words, the absence of prominent keywords, will cause Google to not catch clues about the content, which will induce the website to not rank high in the SERP.

The Importance of the Keyword to Reach the Target Customer Group

SEO practices  are carried out not only to gain high rankings in SERP, but also to increase the volume of organic traffic by reaching the target customer base. As such, it becomes extremely important which keywords will be used in web content and with what intensity. This is because well-analyzed keywords will keep the web content in the close range of view and interest of both search engines and the target customer base.

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